12 Custom Widgets - La Cabane De Lena

Verendus supports 12 kinds of different widgets:

  • Audio Player An HTML5 Audio Player with Flash Fallback.
  • Blogposts Show your latest blogposts with this blogpost widget.
  • Contact Form Create a contact form with this widget.
  • Contact Information Show your latest Contact Information. Address, Phonenumber, etc.
  • Flickr Photos Display photos from Flickr. You can select which photos you want to display.
  • Google Maps Display a location on Google Maps.
  • News Items Display your latest news items.
  • Newsletter Let your customers sign up for a newsletter.
  • Portfolio Items Show your latest portfolio items with this portfolio widget.
  • Social Media This widget shows social media icons. You can set which icons to show in the Options panel.
  • Video Player An HTML5 Video Player with Flash Fallback.